Makepad : Rust IDE with LearneableProgramming



Code your design

Live demo:

This repo is for developing Makepad, a live Rust authoring tool for 2D vector design, shaders and animation. The goal of the containing code is to be a Code Editor / UI kit for the Makepad application and will change without notice to suit that goal. The makepad application itself may be closed-sourced and sold, since we also have to feed our families.

The vision is to build a livecoding / design hybrid program, where procedural design and code are fused in one environment. If you have missed ‘learnable programming’ please check this out: aims to fulfill (some) of these ideas using a completely from-scratch renderstack built on the GPU and Rust. It will be like an IDE meets a vector designtool, and had offspring. Direct manipulation of the vectors modifies the code, the code modifies the vectors.


I am happy to see that Bret’s thoughts are affecting the programmers.