Create 3D games with friends, no experience required


You can build your own cards with Javascript. Game Builder comes with an extensive API that allows you to script almost everything in the game. All the code is live, so just make a change and save it, no compiling required.



On area120 the area for experimental products of Google
** We’re an experimental program within Google to help small teams rapidly build new products in an entrepreneurial environment. We’re where Googlers spend 100% of their time on 20% projects **

I saw this interesting product to learn reading : Rivet


CodeLab :heart: Game Builder


I think it is modern etoys!

There are many similarities in their design:OOP、message…


I love it

Rivet is also cool


GameBuilder seems a mix between Kodu and defunct Project Spark :slight_smile:

Kodu :
Project Spark :


How are you talking between an Unity app (GameBuilder) and Scratch lab 3 and your Codelab extension for Nintendo Switch joycon ?


The key idea is to create a HCI/HID adapter extension:

With the extension,we can turn any message/block into user input(click/press)

Let me show you the code:


@Alan_Russell , I have talked in Discord with one of the developer of GameBuilder about your POC of Scratch with their product. He is very astonished :+1:
Perhaps could you share this with him directly ?
See below post

Edit : I saw your question on Steam on the same developer I have been talking about your POC. :+1:


@Cyke Thank you for recommending it to the developer of GameBuilder!

I would like to talk with him,but the link seems to be invalid.

oh, at first I tried to use websocket to create a connection. but it is not easy in the sandbox. So I decide to use message as HID input.


Sorry for the expired Link :

Three developers from four are available each day (Yes they are very friendly and read every comment)


A very useful new cards : show a text box for a actor





Switch 里也有个有趣的编辑器