30-plus years of HyperCard, the missing link to the Web




“What was this thing?” Oren wrote. “Programming and user interface design tool? Lightweight database and hypertext document management system? Multimedia authoring environment? Apple never answered that question.”

“HyperCard is based upon hypertext,” Gary Kildall told Stewart Cheifet. “It’s a concept that was developed by Ted Nelson and Doug Engelbart in the sixties. The basic idea is this: if we’re trying to do research on any kind of a subject, the subject matter exists in all kinds of different places. It can be books, magazines, tape recordings, Compuserve, and if we can somehow link all this stuff electronically, so that if we click on Beethoven, we can all of a sudden jump from one to the next… that’s what hypertext is all about.”


Be happy because Hypercard is not dead he is becoming LiveCode with its Hypertalk language and it’s open source :+1:


Hypertalk : https://github.com/defano/wyldcard


Hypercard from 1987 is also accessible from the web (JavaScript) with